We all need a little support in our lives from time to time so this page is all about helping to provide you with a little guidance on how to use and set up your Lyric and how to troubleshoot issues. If you can't find what you need, we got your back. Just email us at

need help connecting your Lyric to Wi-Fi?

Get the most out of your Lyric experience by connecting it to Wi-Fi so you can stay current with the latest features, therapies and content. Watch this short video or read the Quick Start Guide for simple step-by-step Wi-Fi setup instructions and you’ll be connected in no time!

Wi-Fi connection has you going around in circles?

Just in case the Wi-Fi setup keeps taking you back to the “connect to Wi-Fi” screen (after the "connected" prompt), it’s likely that you are already connected. In this case, just press “x,” decline any further Wi-Fi setup prompts and look for the “Update” icon on the therapies screen (a circular arrow) to update your device. We have been busy improving the user experience so this will ensure your Lyric has the latest and greatest software.

If you’re still having difficulty or need help, we’ve got your back! Reach out to us at

is your device warm to the touch when charging?

When charging your Lyric, you may notice that it will feel warm to the touch. Much like other electronic equipment, this is quite normal. The Lyric has gone through extensive “aging tests,” so rest assured it will reliably deliver a safe and enjoyable experience.

where's the off button?

The Lyric is programmed with an auto-off so just set it down and it'll power down within a few seconds. But if you can't help but press something to switch it off, holding the trigger button for 8 seconds will put it to sleep. Zzzz.

where's the charging brick?

Much like toys that say "battery not included," a USB charging brick is not included with the Lyric; we figure most people have one at home by now. If not, you can purchase one for a few dollars online or at local electronics, hardware retailers or convenience stores.

how often will the software be updated?

The beauty of being Wi-Fi enabled means the Lyric user experience will constantly evolve and improve. We are listening to you and making adjustments (and fixing pesky bugs) on an ongoing basis! Also, look out for new therapies, which will be available every few weeks. A circular arrow icon will be visible on the touch screen when a firmware update or new therapy is available.

the guided therapy tells me to massage my hand but it's my neck that hurts!

While you can place the Lyric almost anywhere on your body (where it is safe to do so) - such as areas where you may have muscle pain - some of the Guided programs focus on acupressure points. When manipulated in a specific manner, these points may inhibit pain (even pain experienced in other areas of the body), help you feel relaxed or energized.

where's the battery meter?

Press the trigger button to turn the screen on, then scroll to "Info." The battery charge level will then be visible.

battery's low and your device won’t shut off?

We have logic in place to protect the battery from completely draining, which may cause this experience. If this happens to you, follow these two steps:

1. Press and hold the trigger button for 8 seconds, and the unit should restart

2. When convenient, charge the unit

how do I know when there's a software update?

Easy. Assuming your device is connected to Wi-Fi, you'll see the "Update" icon (circular arrows) on your touch screen. Simply tap this and your device will start uploading the latest firmware and any new therapies that may be available. Sometimes firmware updates will show noticeable enhancements and occasionally they will be more subtle (just know our engineers never sleep and are always thinking about ways to improve your Lyric experience - however subtle it might be!).

how do I reset my device?

Scroll to settings, then hit the reset button. This will initiate a factory reset and much like a "Ctl-Alt-Delete," could help solve software glitches. You'll need to reconnect to Wi-Fi after resetting and then upload the latest firmware.

can't find your user manual?

No worries. Here's a download link.